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05 mai 2013

Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde

My PowerPoint of Jekyll and HydeJekyll_and_Hyde


First Picture : This is the movie poster of Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde, directed by Rouben Mamoulian. This image is very representative because we clearly can see the two sides of the man. His real appearence and his evil-appareance after the transformation. This is often what see when we think about Jekyll and Hyde, the possiblity of separating the two sides. 

Second Picture : The second picture is also a movie poster of Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde directed by Victor Fleming. It's a very different picture because we can't see the idea of the two sides and changing appearences. There are four charachers on the poster, two women on the foreground. The first woman seems to be really sad and disapointed and the other woman seems suspicious. The man behind is not really reassuring, it seems that he has done something bad but he is proud and happy of himself with a corner smile. And then in the backgroud there is the shadow of a man suited to the horror movies and the worrying very present in the gothic. 

Third picture : The third picture has been extracted in "Jekyll and Hyde The Musical". There are several characters on stage, the men are dress up with a suit and a long black jacket and the women are dress upwith evening dresses the seem to be wealthy people. The stage is dark because it's night and we can see some scary elements like smoke and baroque decorations. The movements of the characters are all very differents. Some people are trying to run away, some people are discussing and the ohter ones are waiting (I guess it's a train station with the big clock on the wall and their suitcasses). They don't really seem to live the same situation. 

Fourth picture : This picture is the ilustration of one of the chapters. The scene takes place on an office (maybe Dr Jekyll's office). There are two characters on this photo, obviously the principal characters. The room is quite dark as always on Gothic situations. The doctor is looking at M. Hyde who is separating himself, so we still can see the idea of the two sides of the personality. Dr Jekyll seems to be a little bit scared and surprised in front of this situation. 


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30 janvier 2013

Jacqueline Woodson, My Crazy Beautiful World


woodson_jacqueline_lg (1)



"I used to say I’d be a teacher or a lawyer or a hairdresser when I grew up but even as I said these things, I knew what made me happiest was writing." J. Woodson


Jacqueline Woodson was born on Febuary 12th in 1963 in Columbus. She's an author who writes books targeted children , teenagers and young adults. She has written stories since she was a child and loves telling stories about African American because she's one of them .

First of all My Crazy Beautiful World is my first Jacqueline Woodson's story. It broaches themes of insecurity, freedom, relationship in general and childhood and autobiography (already seen with Gary Sotto in a "A significant event").

So this is the story of Angela a 16 years old girl but in the text she speaks of herself when she was 12 years. This young girl is obviously a black american and she is extremely preoccupied with her appearance, she's tall for her young age and insecure ! She also feels really different with her older sister and her best friend, Maria a white girl who is from Angela's point of view prettier than her and free, sure of herself. by the way we can see the Angela's insecurity is extremely present in the text ! There is also the passage of her grandmother which is very important in the story ; they are both really close. We can see she talks a lot with her during simple moments of the day for example when she combs her hair. In that passage she doesn't talk that much of her mother, Angela is not really close to her but she loves her even if she's not so present in her life.  

Angela's family are practicing Jehovah's Witnesses, so religion is a part of her life. Angela goes to temple every sunday with her grand mother because her mother doesn't believe in this religion and she simply doesn't attend. 

We can guess that story is interesting for people because when you're young, a teenager or a child you can feel like Angela feels ! Who has never felt different at one time or another during one's childhood ? I feel very concerned with Angela's feeling because I also suffered because of my height and my insecurity by the way I think I'm still insecure.. 

The themes of that story are really present in our lives so I think it's a really good story and many teenagers can recognize them through this character, so I recommend this story which young people will find easy to read !

Hope you liked it, Barbara.

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